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2011 Las Vegas Bikefest Customer Testomonials


Yamaha V-MAX Testimonial





HD Sporty Testomonial


 Outstanding Product

A close friend whom I ride with purchased a set of PowerSTAR spark plugs at the Las Vegas Bike Fest and he convinced me to try them out. I purchased a set online for my 2006 Harley Davidson Night Train. My Night Train had been modified quite a bit and I was a little sceptical about the performance gains PowerSTAR plugs claimed to have. I was surprised at the results. I immediately felt the difference in the performance of my bike. The bike ran cooler, I got better gas mileage and the throttle response was outstanding. I since purchased a brand new Road Glide Custom w/ the 103" Twin Cam and I've already ordered me another set of PowerSTAR spark plugs. Thanks for an outstanding product guys.

Wyman C.

Honolulu, Hawaii

PowerSTAR spark plugs "Woke the bike up"



My 1996 Fatboy FLSTF is bone stock. I installed a set of these plugs and no doubt, it "woke the bike up". I have been modifying cars and  motorcycles for many years and I was blown away by the performance of these plugs. These should be the first upgrade on any stock bike. My old 96 sounds different, throttle response is much much better, HP and TQ is up. Bottom line . I'm impressed all this can come from a spark plug.

Ross W.


I am Getting around 50 to 55 mpg!

They are working great in my 2005 Road King Thanks!

Garvin M. Colorado Springs CO



 2009 Las Vegas BikeFest Customer Testimonial


I purchased a set of your PowerStar Performance Sparkplugs at Las Vegas Bike Fest in 2009.  In this past year I have put 17,733 miles on them installed on my 2005 Road King Standard.  Performance was better than expected although I was not convinced when I purchased the plugs.  Upon installing the new plugs I found the bike runs better/stronger, gets better mileage but most of all it sounds more like a Harley should!  Your plugs are terrific and you have a customer for life!  Thank you.
Bill F.
North Las Vegas, NV


 2010 Las Vegas BikeFest Customer Testimonial and Question


I purchased 2 of your spark plugs in Las Vegas this past weekend and just installed them in my bike. I have noticed more power, torque and performance but I have a question. I noticed that the plugs are longer than the stock plugs by about 3/8 of an inch. Is this right and OK??

Best regards,


Mark W., 2010 Las Vegas BikeFest Customer  Las Vegas, NV


You are correct the plugs are longer by less then a 1/8 inch. They look longer because the shell of the plug extends beyond the thread by about ¼ inch. The spark is actually at the same height as a standard Champion or HD plug.


Please check out our FAQ under the About Tab:

Q: PowerSTAR Spark Plugs look longer than my OEM spark plug, is this okay?
A:  In most stock cases this is okay. Some aftermarket big bore kits use domed pistons or in a stroker motor there might be some contact with the piston. If you have one of these kits you should measure the distance from the spark plug seat and piston at the height of it's stroke @ TDC. If there is a chance of contact you should use an indexing washer to lower the height of the spark plug to protect the piston.


 14,000 Miles and still going strong!!


"If you want a good product..."PowerSTAR, that's the product!"

S. Sevy, Retired/USAF 2009 FLHTCU-I Ultra Classic-Electra  Las Vegas, NV

“That ain't the same motorcycle I rode into Campbell's place yesterday....


Hey you guys...The bike I rode out on had noticeably more get up and go. I could tell right away that it was running smoother, had more power and significantly more acceleration. Hard to believe just a plug change can make such a difference. I haven’t had a chance to assess the change in fuel economy but will let you know after I get some accessible miles on the bike.

Click here to see the test results

“Thanks for the experience and my “new” BMW motorcycle. Stu E.” - Del Mar  CA


“I wanted to give you an update on your PowerSTAR plugs in my Harley 2008 Electra Glide Ultra Classic.

Since we installed them, I have been on four rides totaling nearly 600 miles.  When the plugs were first installed and the bike was started, I noticed a deeper throaty ideal, what I refer to as a “Harley” ideal.  What a Harley should sound like.  Riding the bike, I have noticed better throttle response; power climbing grades and smoother cruising down the freeway.”

“Thanks again for everything, Richard N.(Officer K-9 BLUE KNIGHTS)” - San Diego, CA 


“Just a note to let you know your spark plugs are truly amazing.

I installed a pair in my 93 FatBoy as soon as I got home from the Ventura, CA Chopper Fest last week. The increased power was immediately noticeable, particularly on a grade near my home where I usually need to drop into 4th gear. Now I can make it easily in 5th gear. And I am getting better mileage too. I plan to put a set in my F-150 as soon as they become available.”

“ Thanks for a great product! (RIX FIXIT) Rick B. ” , Scottsdale/Fountain Hills, AZ




2001 Honda Valkyrie Video Testimonial

Great Product...It even sounds better ...

Hamdi from Bernini's Bistro,  La Jolla CA