Performance test results:

We have done independent tests at univeristies(UC Berkley, Rochester Institue of Technology) as well was as independent dyno test facilities.

Below are some of our test results.

   2007 Harley-Davidson 883XL Sportster

Stock Fuel Injection, 5% improvemen,t  no other modifications


BMW RT1200RT Dynojet Test Results

5-10% Torque improvment from 5-7000 RPM



      1998 Mercedes-Benz E320 Test Results

10-25% improvment in low end torque!

1993 VW Corrado VR6 

Stock Fuel Injection, 4-7.5% Torque improvement from 3-5000 RPM, spark plug swap  no other modifications


Our tests have shown Horsepower and Torque improvements from 5-10% over stock spark plugs. We have also seen reductions in Hydrocarbons (HC) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) emissions of at least 30% indicating that the powerSTAR spark plug improves overall combustion and lowers dangerous HC and CO emissions that contribute to SMOG. All these result have been in stock engines without any other modifications.